In this section, we have described all the steps that you can go through in order to create accounts and use our API.

It is important to mention that our API is "à la carte" and you can use any of our services independently.

1 - You can also access all our API endpoints through our SWAGGER using the following link:

2 - User/Account/Portfolio Structure:

Before we start, we would like to clarify the User accounts structure so you can have a better understanding of our wallet structures.

As a corporate client, at the beginning of your relation with Stokn, you will go through a KYB with our compliance team. Once these checks are completed, we will grant you with a vault.

A vault, is a space in which you will be able to create UserId, AccountId and PortfolioId for your Users.

Each of the User that will use the services provided in this API, will start by creating an account (as explained in Step 1 below). For every account created, a new UserId and AccountId will be generated.

Each User has a single UserId, but will be allowed to have several AccountId, also called SubAccountId.

Each User will have to go through our KYC checks with our compliance team. Once the KYC are confirmed, the Account will be validated and you will be able to generate PortfolioId.

A PortfolioId is linked to a blockchain Public Address from which the transactions of the User will be completed.

It is possible to issue several PortfolioId per AccountId, but the main portfolio is the Trading Portfolio, on which any deposits will be credited.

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