📝Step 1 - User Account Creation

In this step, the Client will be able to create an account with a login and verify the ownership of the information (telephone number) he has provided through OTP.

1 - As on any other application, the Client will have to create an account.

OAuth: client_auth

2 - The client will then be able to login using his e-mail and password:

Client can login to the application


Path Parameters




Client ads his username



Client ads the password he chose in the previous step.

  "success": true,
  "data": {},
  "errorCode": 0,
  "errorMessage": "string"

OAuth: client_auth

3 - The client then need to respond to an OTP challenge, i.e he will receive a text message which includes a 4 digit number that he will need to pasted into the Mobile App:

Responding to the OTP challenge correctly, will allow the user to receive an access token to access features (deposit, withdraw, convert).

OAuth: user_auth

If this is not the case, it will be possible to refresh the OPT token using:

4 - If the User loses his password, it is possible to generate a new one using:

To validate the change of the password, the User will receive a new OTP challenge in the form as describe in point 3 above.

You can add this OTP challenge using:

5 - Once the KYC process as been completed and validated for a retail client (as described in step 2 below), the account will be validated and it will be possible to generate a Portfolio Id using:

OAuth: client_auth

A portfolio Id is linked to a blockchain public address and several Portfolio Id can be generated for a same Account Id.

6 - Please note that you will also be able to create manually an AccountId using:

OAuth: client_auth

The PortfolioId will only be generated once the User has completed the KYC process (as described in Step 2).

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